People Central Recommends Using Qualified HR Personnel for Team Development -


People Central Recommends Using Qualified HR Personnel for Team Development

By Colin James

Identifying talent in the team, team development, keeping wonderful staff, and recruiting the right folks to slot in with the present team culture, and are all big challenges for employers. The effects of making a mistake are daunting, and companies around New Zealand are regularly seeking the services of HR corporations.

Steve Evans, Founder and Director of People Central, throws down a challenge to all employers, "Is your team everything it might be apropos performance, conflict management and communication? What do you imagine petty misunderstandings and inefficencies cost your business apropos hard dollars?"

With over 200 company clients, and 16 professionally trained pros placed around the country, People Central have been providing HR services and psychometric testing to New Zealand for the last 14 years. According to Evans, going through a team development process, using professional HR services is massively rewarding for bosses. "The advantages are enormous, typically re increased productivity".

Other benefits include having a clear understanding of the weaknesses and strengths inside teams, identifying blind-spots in the prevailing management team, clarification of existing team behaviour and its effect on your business, being able to create targeted private development plans for teams and individuals, matching tasks to team members, developing a conflict resolution framework, and maximizing variety of talent within groups. Evans says that, "A customer will come to us and say, we are going through a team development process so that we can grow our business. We have the dream team already and wish to hire people who will slot in. " Evans claims, "Often a bunch of folks will work best together, and nobody knows precisely why. People Central can identify what kind of character would best suit the just made role and just as significantly identify a personality type which will enhance the cultural structure of the business. "

Psychometric testing in team development is employed extensively by People Central says Evans, "Especially when it comes to testing the talents of current workers before inhouse promotions that demand higher levels of capability. " A good HR company will be able to offer 1 or 2 tests so you can assess capability across a variety of core talents. Personality is the opposite side of the equation and Evans announces "How often do you hear the phrase 'personality clash' cited in reasons for the pricey breakdown in team/work relationships?". Evans urges companies to get pro, qualified HR imput so that teams get stronger through their differences rather than divided by them, "At the day's end, it's the final analysis that will benefit. ".

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