Internet Marketing In Terms Of Miiverse -


Internet Marketing In Terms Of Miiverse

By Robert Sutter

I can say a number of things about Nintendo but it would appear as though it is becoming more and more in line with what we consider to be the norm. Nintendo has, for so long, been seen as the standoffish company that did what it wanted to do without having to conform to what we believe to be the norm. This has been constant, both for better and for worse. The Miiverse has become my point of focus recently and it's one that, in my opinion, deserves better Internet marketing.

The reason that I'd like to talk about the Miiverse in particular is because of the recent update that was made. In essence, what this update does is that it has changed Miiverse around to the point where it functions like Twitter. Prior to the update, you could only post messages on certain forums, your content only being shown in one particular subforum without being seen elsewhere. With this new feature, you no longer have to go into a specific category for posting, making the matter much more streamlined.

This is interesting because usually Nintendo has been the company that has been making trends in its own industry. Everything from motion controls to the standard directional pad we see today have come about thanks to this company, so it's interesting to see it integrate other aspects from different networks. However, it's apparent that Nintendo understands the weight of Twitter and how often people utilize it. Why not structure Miiverse in a similar way so that users will be more likely to incorporate it into their communication efforts?

Companies along the lines of fishbatunderstand the weight of Twitter and how constantly it is put to use. Messages posted are short and sweet, which is effective for those who do not have much in the way of time to spare. The idea of Miiverse adopting a similar structure is ideal but I cannot help but feel as though it needs more in the way of Internet marketing. If this is seen, I would like to think that Nintendo would benefit from a greater number of users.

I think that it goes without saying that Miiverse has seen a tremendous change recently. While I do not believe that its scale is going to be able to match up to something like Facebook, for example, I do not think that it has to. Miiverse is, in my mind at least, one of the most self-contained platforms, which helps to give it a bit more of an identity. I believe that its implementation of Twitter-like features does nothing short of make it that much more of a viable platform.

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