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Improving Customer Service In After Hours Call Center

By Rhea Solomon

You are in a field where you have to require your employees to provide excellent customer service. Every after hours call center out there would always want to aim for this particular goal for their operation. So, making sure that you achieve these results is critical.

Stress has been among the many things that agents have to go through and deal with when working in this particular industry. It is stressful enough that many of them have to work during unholy hours. The mere fact that they have to deal with frustrating and really difficult customers at time is enough to make one to want to pull at his hair. So, giving them ways to deal with these issues better is essential.

Have a room near the production area where people can go to every time they need to find some respite and some comfort over how things actually unfolded while they were talking to a recent customer. There are instances when they might feel very frustrated or stressed out. Going to a place where they can vent out all these frustrations is going to help them out a lot in the process.

Always set goals. You need to know what are the things that you are trying to achieve out of hiring these people that you have hired. You need assurance that you will only focus your attention on those people that can really deliver well. Remember, you might have agents who will perform well and those that might struggle. Setting a goal allows them to work hard towards achieving them.

Talk t your experienced agents. They should have been doing something that actually motivated them to stay in this service this long. They would not have managed to stay long if they are not motivated enough of the way they have been able to handle things, you might want them to share their best practices to the people that you have just hired. They can definitely earn from them.

Reward your workers more often. It is a fact that handling customer issues over the phone is already as stressful as things get. You would never want to give your employees the impression that you do not really care that much about them. Instead, come up with a scheme where they get rewarded if they perform better. Thus, creating more motivation in the process.

There should be proper communication between you and the rest of the representatives that you have deployed into operation. You need to find ways on how to make at easier for them to raise their concerns and let their voices be heard. Also, provide support to ensure that questions they have about the way things are supposed to be handled on the floor are addressed.

Another way to be sure that this after hours call center gets to be more productive and get to offer better customer service to your clients and customer is to ensure that your reps are properly trained as well. However, training should not only be confined towards those times when they are about to enter operation. There should be continuing training programs to ensure that they are acquainted and reacquainted of the things they should and should not do while on the floor.

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