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How To Look Beyond Pricing To Save On Wireless Costs

By Joseph B. Kappernick

Consumers and businesses alike are starting to feel the effects of a wireless marketplace without price competition. The four major carriers have found that they can all raise prices without losing customers because they all have very similar pricing and plans. Companies looking to negotiate better deals based on competitor's pricing will now find it very difficult to do so.

When is comes to terms of pricing , consumers and companies must look elsewhere to help you get the most for your money. We have compiled a list of areas that can help you maximize the cost of your wireless plans:

1. Type of plan

Companies are constantly evolving and changing. Therefore, you should be constantly monitoring and evaluating your wireless usage to make sure you have the right plan for your needs, at all times. A plan that worked last year may not be the most cost effective one this year.

2. Bill audits

You cannot rely on the carriers to review past bills to return monies owed to you. It is up to you, as the consumer, to review your bill and make sure that everything billed is correct.

3. Discounts

Discounts are out there for those who look for them. Ask for all the discounts that could apply to the amount of business you are bringing to the table. The discount should be comparable to the size of your contract.

4. Credits and incentives

Be ready to negotiate for any available credits and incentives, in addition to your volume discounts. Once these are agreed upon, it is also your responsibility to claim any credits that are owed to you if you meet the requirements.

There is no foreseeable change in the diminishing competition of wireless carriers. Once you learn to use different approaches to giving you weight at the negotiation table, you will find other ways to help control costs and gain better results.

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