How A COPE Policy Can Help Manage Your Wireless Costs -


How A COPE Policy Can Help Manage Your Wireless Costs

By Joseph B. Kappernick

In recent years, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has been the trend for many enterprise wireless strategies. While these types of programs certainly have their benefits, they are not without their costs. One big BYOD challenge that most companies face is how to secure sensitive corporate data on personal devices. COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled), the newest trend in enterprise mobility, may be the solution to this security issue.

The COPE program is a win/win situation. Since the device is owned by the company, they can choose to disconnect or clear the device if for some reason a security breach occurred, so corporate wins. Employees can also take advantage of deals for wireless devices (from the approved from list), through the company, and use it both personally and for work, so employee wins.

COPE offers all the cost benefits of BYOD, while still keeping things safe and secure. Once preferred devices are selected, employees can choose the one they want from the list. Companies can even set a cost threshold so that employees can opt for an upgraded device as long as they are willing to pay any amount over that threshold. Usage costs can also be predetermined in the policy, so that the employee is responsible for overages. These cost thresholds enable the company to manage costs and avoid overpaying, while still offering the variety devices and plans that employees want.

COPE can be the answer to your wireless management problems. A win/win for both the company and the employees, with benefits for both parties.

It is best to consult an outside wireless mobility management firm. They can help you take toll of your current usage and help explain which options are best suited for you. They also can provide your IT department with the aid needed to help in the implementation and transition of your new COPE program.

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