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5 Money Saving Tips For Your Wireless Strategy

By Joseph B. Kappernick

Having a good mobility strategy is essential to success for any enterprise today. It increases productivity by allowing employees, customers and vendors to stay constantly connected. Because mobility is so important, companies are willing to pay the major costs associated with wireless service. However, paying too much for service you may not need or use can have detrimental effects on your bottom line.

Are you considering a new wireless strategy? Or do you need you need to make you current plan more efficient? Here are five points to consider to help you manage costs:

Don't get locked in. In today's market, it is easy to get locked in with a vendor, whether its with a contract, training, time investments or equipment. Don't sign anything you aren't 100 percent comfortable with and make sure there is a way to opt out if you need to.

Concentrate on the long term goal. New technology can be very enticing, but like any trend, not all of them stand the test of time. IT's investment can be expensive, so make sure that you do not feel uncertain of it becoming antiquated in a short time. Doing so will help you keep you align to your long term goals.

Work towards a scalable contract. Allowing your plan to adapt to the growth of your business and well at the always advancing wireless technology.

Beware of your data needs. Many businesses today are at a drawback with the current data plans. Good news is that it seems to be getting better! Negotiate to get the most value from your plan at the best rate possible. It is also advisable to keep track of employee data usage so that you avoid paying for unused data or overage penalty fees.

Have a clearly defined and communicated usage policy. When employees use wireless devices for both business and personal purposes, it can be hard to determine what charges the company is responsible for. Setting up a clear policy about what is permitted and what will be covered will go a long way in eliminating unwanted overage charges.

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