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Ways Of Designing Appropriate Business Continuity Plan

By Mia McCall

Business or company can come up with a less expensive insurance referred to as Business Continuity Plan. This is most suitable for small enterprises since they inure minimal cost in production. It is aimed at outlining how the employees will continue with their work in cases of disaster of emergencies. Emergencies or disaster that may occur in an office setting may include fire.

However, most companies do not develop such plans. It is essential to most small companies as it will ensure their continued operation after or during a disaster. This plan is also referred to a Disaster Recovery Plan as they pose similar structures. Hoverer, Disaster Recovery Plan is oriented to the recovery during or after a disaster whereas BCP denotes how the business should continue in the act of a disaster until the recovery is accomplished. These two documents are essential and often compiled into a single document.

In order to come up with appropriate Business Continuity Plan it is important to follow the following set procedures. In the first step, you need to document the internal key employees the company as well as backups. This entails people who are to fill in the critical positions which the business or the company may not do without. It is of great significant to identify those that can telecommute. These are people who are able to carry out the activities of the company at a home based office; this will help in minimizing risk that may be posed by a disaster.

You should also document external contacts. This includes people who render essential services to the company such as key personnel, bankers as well as IT consultants, thereby easing accessibly of such services. As well as documenting critical equipment such as personal computers as they contain critical information for the operation of the company or the business. Important documents such as articles of incorporation, legal papers among others should be properly identified and stored.

Contingency equipment should be identified and documented. You should as prepare a place for possible relocation in case of emergency or disaster. This is done by identifying and securing such temporary locations. They serve as alternative locations to relocate the enterprise in the event of unavailability of your primary location.

The company should as well design (how to). This indicates the steps and procedures to be followed in case of such an occurrence. It indicates the persons or the departments charged with such roles. Accessibility of such information is also of great value to the employees.

Communication of such information to all the employees is necessary. This can be done through compulsory training to all the employees. Training should be done irrespective of their role in the event of emergency or disaster. Before implementation of such plan in the business enterprise, there is need to carry out pretesting. This will assist in evaluating the plan.

In order to achieve the desired goals of the company or the business, there is a need to come up with an effective Business Continuity Plan. These will assist in achieving the goals of the company or the business.

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