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Selecting The Best Portsmouth Dentist

By Mia McCall

Taking care of one's teeth is a very important part of daily hygiene. The lack of proper maintenance and upkeep may lead to tooth loss or even several diseases. Choosing the right Portsmouth dentist to help guide one's long term oral health care is a very important decision so it is highly recommended to find someone whose personality and practices are completely acceptable.

In dentistry, the licensed practitioner may hold one of two titles, either a DDS (doctor of dental surgery) or a DMD (doctor of dental medicine). The difference between the two are nothing more than semantics as both have undergone the same schooling and earned equivalent degrees. To become certified, they had to have a minimum of two years of college that was then followed with four years in dental school.

General dentists may utilize descriptive monikers to clarify to the public that they prefer to maintain a certain type of practice such as cosmetics or families. Only six specialty areas are currently officially accepted by the American Dental Association. Recognized fields are endodontists - handling root canals, oral and maxillofacial surgeons - operations and extractions, pedodontists - focusing on the needs of children, orthodontists - bite assessment and braces, periodontists - gum disease treatment and prosthodontists who do restoration.

People generally choose a primary DDS or DMD for their regular care. Many practicing under the general field will also be qualified to do special treatments such as root canals, extractions, crowns and bridges. Should their patients require a service that is outside their realm of expertise, they will provide a referral which most specialist require before appointments can be made.

Because it is hard to know what to expect and many people have anxiety with this field of medicine, it can be a little scary trying to find a new oral care professional. The search usually begins by asking other people about their experiences and who they would recommend and who they would warn against. A pharmacists, or one's primary doctor, may also be able to suggest a qualified prospect.

Calling the local or state level dental society is another viable option. The American Dental Association's website has a list of all these agencies as well as other useful information. The ADA suggests calling or visiting several different offices in order to have multiple options.

Physically visiting the office before an actual need to use them arises is a great way to get a feel of whether or not their way of doing things is going to be copacetic to one's preferences. Do not be afraid to ask question, especially where fees, payment plans, office hours, emergency protocols, anesthesia or relaxation practices and insurance participation are concerned. The willingness of the doctor to answer the inquiries and provide information will be a great indicator of how they are.

While going through the process of choosing a Portsmouth dentist, take all the answers under consideration along with a few other things. The proximity of their location to one's work or home could be important, as is the helpfulness of the staff. Be sure to check for hygienic practices such as the wearing of gloves and other protective gear and whether or not the office and equipment appears clean and orderly.

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