Pre Employment Assessment Tests And Their Importance -


Pre Employment Assessment Tests And Their Importance

By Dale Peck

Pre employment assessment tests are administered to applicants of the job. They are used to assess the competence of the applicants. The applicants that score well or high in the examination will proceed to the next level of the hiring process. There are different levels of assessment that the applicant will go through.

What you do is that you gather information about the applicant. You try to verify the information that you see in his credentials. The applicant submits credentials to the company that is applying for. The company then checks the credentials submitted.

The credentials of the applicant usually include but are not limited to his resume. There could be other documents stipulated like a photocopy of the certificate of the applicant. Other documents should be only be in photocopies. The applicant must not submit original copies of such documents.

The human resource staff will be the one to check the applications sent in by professionals. They are already briefed about the qualifications that they should look into the resumes of applicants. They are the ones who call up potential qualified applicants for the examination. They can also be tasked to conduct the initial interview for these applicants.

The practice now is to send resumes only. The company will then go over the details of the applicant. If they find the applicant has a potential skill for the job, then they may ask him to submit further documents for more evaluation. Applicants only submit such documents only when the company asks them to.

The company will consider the results of the examination as well together with the score of the applicant during the interview. Again whoever gets the highest score gets the job. The remaining applicants are rated and are listed in the order of their scores. After that comes the job offer. Remember that the company has a list of the top applicants.

You can imagine that the successful applicants are listed first, second and third choice and so on and so forth. The company will make offer to the first applicant. There will be bargaining that will happen between the company and the applicant. It is not only the company that makes offers but the applicant as well. He has his own salary expectation.

This department of the company must be adept in finding and assessing potential applicants for the job. The future of the company starts with them because they are the ones that choose workers for the company. If they do not choose suitable and deserving applicants for the job, then the future of the company is jeopardized.

That is why it is also important that the personnel composing the human resource department of the company are eligible, certified, competent, experienced in hiring services. The company may also hire a third party company to do this for them. The same pre employment assessment tests are employed in filtering the applicants for the job. A competent professional will always snag the job.

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