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James Malinchak Talks How He Determines To Make Use Of Space On Brochures And Mailings

By Stanton Harper

With regards to print material, although I have heard numerous graphic designers claim that the text should breathe, I've found that empty space is wasted promotion and publicity space. Personally, I appreciate more details than less. It doesn't matter what experts say about breathing space, I know the things that work for my business. In my business, the more information and tidbits included in my brochures the more likely the customer or viewer is going to keep the document and will sign up for my bootcamps.

For that reason, I base my decisions on what sells and what brings in more cash and not on whether my text is breathing. Remember it doesn't matter what you design within your marketing materials, you have to test market the choices you're making or even the opinions other people are making before you agree or disagree with the professionals you hire. I get it; they are taught artistic spacing, values of light, and colors for marketing purposes, but just because a textbook or a teacher said to do this or that does not mean I am doing whatever they read or just what their professors suggested. It has to test market properly for your audience. To me, proper test marketing suggests that more people join and more people invest in my seminar, products, books, etc.

I might tick people off by ignoring their suggestions. I would frustrate them by stating that I'm not going to follow their advice until I test market my audience. However, it's my business, as well as my money, and I can't respect you and whatever you say until I can prove it to be true for my business, my products, as well as my audience. Once I test market it, and as soon as I find out that you're right, I'm more likely to consider your further guidance. However, again, I am likely to test market your future suggestions, as well. It is not that I do not trust you. It is not about you; it's about me and my money. Just how can I secure my own future or the future of my clients that I coach unless I am continually following my own advice.

As for photos in the print materials, it is always relevant to include celebrity attachment. Therefore, pop-up several photos with all the red carpet showing. A lot of you'll cut the red carpet off; do not do it! Individuals are stunned at the red carpet. Also, make sure to label who is within the photos together with you where you're when you took photos together. Not only should you place their name, but add their label or connection, too. For instance, if you are posting a photograph with me at night, as opposed to writing James Malinchak, write something such as James Malinchak, BigMoneySpeaker, Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, featured on ABC's Hit TV Show 'Secret Millionaire.'

You can see from your example in this article on how to write an account of the photos that you will be prone to increase the celebrity attachment. Folks don't always remember why someone they see is very important or famous, so it is our obligation to remind them. It's not bragging; it really is providing valuable information, and it keeps them from attempting to rack their marbles determining why somebody looks familiar. Therefore, when it comes to your print material make use of your space wisely. Furthermore, when it comes to labeling photos, do your audience the following favor and present them the knowledge as opposed to keeping them guessing on a regular basis.

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