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James Malinchak Proves Exactly How Entrepreneurs Can Determine Who's Their Perfect Client

By Matthew Maxwell

Over the years, my ideal client description has changed. At the beginning, as any new entrepreneur, I used to be green and inexperienced. My perfect client description was not limiting. Initially, my ideal client included anybody who I could beg to hire me both for free and trade of services. However, I soon discovered, like a lot of you might have, that working for free does not pay the bills. I had to do something different, and something different just couldn't be taking on another job to support my entrepreneurial business. Then, I realized that I had to be more discriminating with my clientele. I realized that if I wanted to pay my bills, I had to define my clients as people with the income to pay me.

At first glance, that limitation only taking on clients who can pay might seem selfish. However, think about it. You have to determine whether your business is turning into a charity or are you in business to generate money for yourself and your loved ones. It is not your responsibility to provide services for people who can't afford your services. When you decide that you are worth it, then other people will see you as somebody who is worth it, too.

At the same time, you cannot be ridiculous with your fees. If the standard pricing in your area is $99 bucks, you cannot suddenly charge $299 without a reputation of being good at what you do and having followers. However, you can up charge a bit so that you set yourself apart from the other people in your industry. Even though, you might have to practice telling Why you're worth their investment and distinguishing yourself as more valuable for your services and uniqueness. When you can accomplish that without sounding defensive, then you are very likely to get the amount you are requesting.

I should clarify that anytime I believe that that you should not work for free, I do not suggest that you should never work for free. In the event that you've got the possibility to speak at a venue with any audience including individuals who may have the ability to pay you for your services later, then speak. In addition, if you are invited to speak at no cost for a venue with an audience which includes people of influence who've got attachments to groups or organizations with money to pay you for other events, then speak for free.

Other opportunities might present themselves, too. Let's say a venue doesn't have the funding to pay for you, yet they've got the means to present you with photographs as well as videography of the presentation, then consider speaking at no cost. Along those lines, if the venue provides you with free advertising and marketing, then you are in great shape for speaking. As you can tell, there can be situations that warrant free talks for later payoff, so you should be discriminate with your time.

Now, once I coach other people, I ask them to decide who their clients are in the world. Who are they? What do they do? How much cash do they really make? Personally for me, my perfect clients are the people who are able to afford my services. As time passes, I've achieved a degree of excellence and a high quality degree of clients who are determined, focused, and devoted to taking action. Therefore, I am able to become more selective. You will notice that, at the beginning, you might have to become inclusive of most. Nonetheless, remember a shit disturber isn't worth your time or money. Do not be so desperate that you let somebody else to monopolize your time, attention, and cash.

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