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James Malinchak Explains The Reason Why Platinum Coaching Clients Reinvest Time And Time Again

By Stanton Harper

There are three major reasons that platinum coaching clients renew year in year out. The first reason is they have accomplished that which we covered, and they're prepared to take their business to a higher-level. Second is that they have accomplished that project into sustainable passive income, and they're ready to undertake a brand new venture. Additionally, they've accomplished just part of what they desired to achieve because of obstacles in their life, and they wish to complete the work they started. Of course, there are other reasons, too, to remain in coaching. They like me; they like their Malinchak peers; they are fully aware I've got more to offer, and so they see the value in continual coaching.

1) Ready to take the business to another level

Once you accomplish a level of business, you are most probably to desire to expand in a higher direction. This expansion might mean becoming systematized. This expansion may be expanding to add different products or services. This expansive might be producing higher levels of quantity. It might even include employing more personnel to give you more free time. Regardless, of what you consider expansion, most entrepreneurs are not happy with just satisfied as good enough nowadays. Many entrepreneurs want to do much more and achieve more, so I am there to help them see exactly what the opportunities are with regard to their business.

2) Take on new ventures

As soon as your business has achieved all that you set it out to do, you might decide that you've achieved the level of sustainability in your business. With this, you have systematized the business and have mastered the act of passive income. Essentially, the company takes care of itself. Once you reach that level, many entrepreneurs wish to enrich as well as expand their minds to branch into supplemental or diverse business opportunities. Therefore, they speak with me about discovering what else their talents include that will be profitable for them.

Although, they've achieved in an area does not mean that coaching is obsolete. Often just the opposite takes place, without coaching they might make significant mistakes in line with the prior business beliefs. According to past experiences without assistance from somebody much like me, they might be walking in a mine field. Plus, by working with such diverse clients, the probability is I still always see the fastest way to the cash!

3) Completion of project

Like lots of people, there are the 3%ers, then there's everyone else. The 3%ers act and get their stuff done fast. The other 97% take little action and get little complete. Therefore, they stall themselves by accepting the restrictions their world brings forth. Unfortunately, by delaying until tomorrow the things they could have done today, they prevent themselves from completing their tasks. Tomorrow becomes next week, which becomes next month, which becomes next year.

Since I can't take action for them, I could just remind them that they are not completing the things they started or the things they promised themselves. They have to be accountable. For that reason, it could take some people one year or two to get off their butts and finally take action on what I've been telling them. As long as they are making a bit of progress, I will keep them in coaching for repeat years. However, if they are not making any progress whatsoever or if they are backsliding, I kick them out of the coaching program. I do not want your money if you are going to irritate me by not doing anything. Providing advice and having a client refuse to take action is really a waste of my breath and a waste of my time.

Overall, I find the very best clients that are those that wish to be in coaching who wish to succeed. They're the ones that are doing what I say and taking action regularly. These are my 3%ers and 1%ers who're very easy to coach. They are the most rewarding as they're pleased with their accomplishments. Furthermore, I love when I've got a client who's making progress, not as fast as I'd like, but they all of a sudden get it and progress up to 3% or 1% status. That's furthermore rewarding to watch them merge as well as grow for themselves and their businesses.

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