How Effective Product Managers Win -


How Effective Product Managers Win

By Ben Goldblum

A few years ago, I changed my occupation from engineering to product management. To prepare for an interview, I looked at our product management team and spotted that outstanding product managers have some traits that are similar. To help you in your career, I 'd like to share my findings with you.

Shop around decisions and ideas: Human beings are generally resistant to changes. If you are proposing a serious alteration to the product, it's business case or it's positioning, ensure that you shop around the idea. If the alteration needs to be okayed in some management meeting, ensure that the session is a non-event, the decision makers must have made the decision to agree already before the meeting. If you fail to accomplish this, these meetings will be messy, and you might possibly end up getting guidance that you are unprepared to handle.

Exhibit empathy: During product development there will always be change and there will nearly always be complications. The engineering unit usually must implement these changes or solve those problems, which may mean tons of extra work for them. It is very easy for them to blame the product manager, which could pervert the relationship. Remember that as a product manager, you are a leader and effective leaders display empathy.

Be excited (or fake it): Nobody wants to work on or support a product that they don't believe in. Your job as a product manager is to make workers believe in the product. That means you should be excited about the product. In case you simply cannot do that, try to switch over to a product you feel better about or imitate enthusiasm.

Finally: The task of a product manager can often be challenging, but watching your product moving from a concept to something that other people really use is extremely rewarding. With this article, I have sought to give you some of the tools that can help you succeed in a career in product management.

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