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Consult Copper Repipe Orange County Contractor To Repair Damaged Pipes

By Isabella Harrington

Piping systems designed of copper material suffer from defects such as rusting, corrosion, mineral sediments, leaks, and blockages. A copper repipe Orange County contractor will fit a new piping system to replace the old one thus eliminating the plumbing problems you are experiencing. When your metallic pipes develop defects, you may go without water or drink contaminated water.

Rusting and corrosion causes metallic pipes to weaken with time. As minerals accumulate on walls of pipes, they cause degradation of surfaces and with time, cracks may occur on the weak zones. Increased pressure causes the weak areas to crack and start leaking water. The pipes also narrow down when sediments accumulate, something that leads to low pressure water.

Narrow pipes do not allow water to flow smoothly within the piping system. If the water pressure from taps and showerheads is low, this may be due to clogging occurring with the pipelines. Other signs of clogging pipes include water hammer sounds. Discolored water coming out of taps is another indication that the piping could be rusting due to mineral buildup and chemical reactions.

Present of discolored water released from showerheads and faucets is also another sign of corroded pipes. Sediments accumulating on pipes may also cause discoloration on bathtubs and kitchen sinks. The rusting pipes may contaminate water making it unfit for consumption. When pipes crack, they leak water that may lead to growth of molds.

Even if there is no substantial corrosion and rusting that has occurred, the wearing of the pipe may still make the water taste bad. People who live in homes built more than 20 years ago have high chances of experiencing piping defects in the galvanized pipe materials. The galvanized pipes start experiencing defects as time passes and need to be repiped.

The contractors can remove and replace the damaged pipes or fit another pipe inside the existing one. The repair method applied depends on the extent of damage. The contractor has to thoroughly inspect the piping system and identify the damages. The plumbing job can be more difficult if defects have occurred in piped fitted behind walls or buried under the ground.

After the repiping, the first thing you notice is an increased water pressure. Clogging of pipes by mineral deposits causes the lines to narrow down, and they cannot allow water to flow smoothly. The increased pressure may cause damages in weak sections of the pipelines. Copper pipes also tend to suffer from pinholes, which are a form of defect that creates small deep holes on the metal.

However, the pipes need to be flushed often to remove the sediments to avoid premature damages. Pinholes can also cause defects on metallic pipes. Pinholes manifest as deep holes and can affect wide sections of pipes. You may be compelled to replace your entire piping system if these holes have formed. With help of a copper repipe Orange County contractor, you can restore the quality of your pipelines through appropriate repairs.

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