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Time Management Strategies

Isn't it just amazing how fast the time goes!! Before we know it it's Christmas again!! So let's just pause a little, how do you think you're going with your time management strategies so far. So far so good? Not so great? Could possibly do a lot better?

Well we could all perhaps improve with time management and as far as building our own work from home business goes and having a personal life, our time and boundaries can sometimes get a little fuzzy. However we should make sure to stop, breath, and first take a short amount of time out to plan.

Time Management Strategy #1

Map Out Your Twelve Months. In case you haven't already sit down for thirty mins (it could take longer, that's ok) and map out your next 12 months. Some people have problems seeing 12 months into the future, but they certainly need to re-think things somewhat. Who wants living to go by and basically "happen"? It will not matter if by the end of the twelve months things have not at all occurred as you planned, that's fine - at least you had a plan.

Make sure you include time for the spouse and children first ie. family holiday's, dates with your spouse, dates with the children (or if you don't have children - plan a holiday for yourself, even it is camping with some friends - which by the way is heaps of fun). This is by far the most essential time management strategy, after all, at the end of your life, would you look back and say, "I wish I had put in more hours earning a living"? It's more likely you would be thinking, "I wish I had more time to do the things I love the most."

Time Management Strategy #2

Schedule Time For You. Have you been doing alright? For sure, you need to make time by yourself every day, regardless of whether it's a half an hour minute walk on your own each morning. Get the blood pumping a little and get some fresh air. Make sure you take care of you. You only get one body, make sure it's in top form for your future physical and mental health. Go get yourself a therapeutic massage, I sure am loving my very own advice!!!

Time Management Strategy #3

Plan Time For Your Business. Well, I can guarantee you were certainly not ready for the above, yet believe me if you DON'T make them a priority you run the chance of feeling like you are chasing after your own tail regardless of what you are doing. Fine, many individuals are still operating a 9-5 job and running a work from home business, and that's excellent, but this is where time management is really crucial.

If you don't currently have one, get yourself a diary, yes fill in time for yourself foremost (this does in no way include watching TV at night), next, your family commitments, your work hrs next, and then, just how much time you can commit to your work from home business. Does it appear to be you lack a great deal time left? In the event you do then perfect, go for it, what are you waiting for start building your work from home business? If perhaps not, you will need to reflect on details just a little.

Look, we developed our work from home business even while working with a full-time executive occupation and 2 young children. We decided that running hard was not going to go on always, and we barely had any spare time, but we made a commitment together that we would undoubtedly make our work from home business happen within a twelve month time period. Guess what, within just 1 year we made double in earnings, with our work from home business, to what we were receiving with the full-time job. It can be done. Just simply commit and plan!!!

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